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Tanning Tales: St Moriz Fast Self Tanning Mousse – Review

I love fake tan.  My whole week revolves around when I can fake tan and I get a little bit panicky if I can’t find a window of fake tanning opportunity.  Let me explain why, I literally look horrific if I don’t have a splash of colour on my very pasty skin.  My boyfriend Wes, has often taken the micky out of my almost see through skin so I’ve always been a big lover of the orange stuff, I’ll even have a spray tan before going on holiday and don’t go in the pool for fear of leaving an orange stream behind me. 

I used to be a huge St Tropez lover, but all that changed when I took a risk and happened upon the very cost effective St Moriz.  My tanning life and bank balance were to change forever from that very day (think I can date it back to 2012 if being precise – I have a thing for dates!). 
For 3 glorious years, I’ve used St Moriz Tanning Mousse (dark) and have never looked back, it’s cheap, easy to use and doesn’t offend my sense of smell (like other fake tan’s often do). 
You can imagine how happy I was to learn that my favourite brand of fake tan had released an express tan – a tan that claims to give you colour in an hour (3 hours for dark, so you can guess how long I wanted to leave it on for).  I was bought a bottle for my Birthday back in May and although excited to try it, was a little apprehensive just in case it didn’t do as it claimed. 
Well,  I’m happy to announce that I decided to give it a whirl this week and would like to reveal my experience with the express tan so I can allay any tanners fears and hopefully change a few lives (like I feel mine has – no joke) .
The mousse has a really lovely smell, it’s not even a case that it’s an inoffensive smell, it’s actually a really good odour.  It’s the same consistency as the original mousse, same colour etc. so for all intents and purposes it may as well be St Moriz Tanning Mousse but there is a huge difference – the speed in which the tan develops.
It was relatively easy to apply, the reason I say relatively is because I found it slightly more laborious than usual but this may be because I strayed away from my usual choice of tanning gloves (Wilkinsons) for some latex gloves from Superdrug.  I’m not sure I’d use these bad boys again as they made it quite difficult to apply the tan. 
It says on the bottle for light colour to leave for 1 hour, a medium shade to leave for 2 hours and for dark 3 hours.  I left it for just over 3 hours to be on the safe side (it was a nerve racking 3 hours). I couldn’t understand how this tan could possibly do the business in 3 hours, I’m someone who leaves my tan on overnight (my bed sheets can confirm this) so I know it’ll leave me looking very bronzed.  Once the 3 (and a bit) hours were up, I took to the shower and rinsed it all off.  Once I’d patted myself dry with a towel, I stepped into the mirror to see how golden I was and I’m happy to report that I was very pleased with the colour and indeed the evenness of the tan.  There wasn’t one streak and it looked really nice (and I’m quite shocked to say – natural too – I rarely do natural, it has to be said).  Even Wes mentioned how good it looked and he never gives me a compliment about my tan so ladies, it must be good!

I feel like taking the plunge and trying out this new Express tan has been a revelation, it will change how I plan my week (sad I know, but it is true) and I’m excited for my tanning future.  So get down to your nearest Boots/Superdrug etc. and pick up a bottle, you really won’t regret it!!

Long live St Moriz!


A very happy tanner!


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  1. Katy

    Seriously, why can’t all review be this great? Finally a review that is THOROUGH and honest!!!! It’s only Monday and I’m going to proclaim that Rach is my #WCW!

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