An Open Letter to Katie Hopkins (AKA The Gobshite)

An Open Letter to Katie Hopkins (AKA The Gobshite)

Katie Hopkins.  I can almost hear a collective groan at the mere mention of the woman’s name.  I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t have an opinion on the reality TV ‘star’, you’re either in the ‘hate’ camp or you’re in the ‘love to hate’ camp.  You might find her entertaining and someone who perhaps you respect for her ability to say exactly what she is thinking, with no regard for the consequences.  Or you might find her obnoxious, rude and outspoken to a fault.

Until reasonably recently, I loved to hate her.  I thought of her as someone who has become a caricature of herself, she’s slotted into this role she has created quite well.  I found her reasonably entertaining on Celebrity Big Brother in early 2015 and I actually acquired a new found respect for her after watching her show My Fat Story.  She almost came across as having a heart, as opposed to the swinging brick I thought might lie within her body instead.

This was all until Monday of this week.  I was having a scroll through Twitter and saw a tweet from Ms Hopkins which made my jaw hit the ground in horror.  You may have heard about a baby from the USA called Jaxon.  He was born with a rare condition which meant part of his brain and skull are missing.  I’ve not read much about Jaxon but saw the photo of him last week  in the newspaper and felt my heart swell a little.  At no point did I think Jaxon should not be here, I didn’t think his parents cruel for deciding to give him life when they were given the option to abort the pregnancy, following the discovery that Jaxon had this condition.  Katie Hopkins did however, and she tweeted her thoughts to her almost 600,000 followers.  Complete with a photo of little Jaxon she tweeted the following “Plain wrong.  If your baby has half a head, you don’t have it.  Cruel and inhumane”.

Well Katie, shall I tell you what I think is cruel and inhumane, your total disregard for Jaxon and his parents, who were faced with what must have been the most difficult decision they have ever known.  They made their choice and Jaxon is now here, amongst us human beings (I say human but I don’t think Katie is human), living and breathing and being loved and cared for by his mum and dad.

What I fail to understand, is how another person; another Mother in fact, can judge another mum when she hasn’t walked a mile in her shoes.  She hasn’t faced the horrendous situation Jaxon’s mum did.  She doesn’t experience the love and affection that Jaxon undoubtedly provides his parents, she doesn’t know his personality and the things he likes and dislikes.  Because this is the thing, Jaxon is a person, he is a life.  How on earth can someone with a heart and feelings tweet a picture of this gorgeous little boy and say it’s plain wrong that he is here, on this Earth?  It beggars belief for me, it really does.

Medical science improves all the time, cures for diseases and illnesses are found, advances are made.   Perhaps Jaxon’s mum and dad hoped, that during their son’s lifetime there would be progress made with regards to the condition he has.  Perhaps they wanted to remain positive and give Jaxon the very best life he could have with the condition he has. I don’t know, I don’t know his parents and I don’t know their backstory.  But what I do know, as a Mum myself, is that if Jaxon was my son and I was scrolling through Twitter on Monday and saw a photo of my son with the words ‘Plain Wrong’ above him, I would feel devastated beyond words.

I get that Katie Hopkins has built her career on being controversial, saying things most of us wouldn’t dare but what a way to make money, chastising another woman for her decision to give birth to her son.  The son she so obviously adores.  I hope Katie Hopkins is warm enough up on that moral high ground of hers, but something tells me she’s probably freezing, due to that cold heart she has.

Put a sock in it love.



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    1. dianne lindsey

      There is something far worse happening on Youtube right now,. An entire site called Jaxon ‘The Creature” Buell. The comment streams are full of the most vile replies you can imagine. From ridiculing the parents for the money they received, to saying they hate ‘the creature’ and want to kick him across the room.
      Personally, I am tired of fighting this fight because I seem to be doing it alone. I am the only one who has asked to have the site removed. I am the only one who has spoken out in comments.

  1. anna

    As she is someone who suffers epilepsy I made the mistake of assuming she’d be a bit more compassionate to anyone else with an illness or disability. I clearly gave her too much credit! Up until the 50s her condition would barely have been accepted in society…. Compassion isn’t generally the quality found in such an egotistical narcissist.

  2. Tina

    I try not to even read about her to be honest as I think that’s a win for her but as it was you writing I made an exception!! Have a friend who’s gone through something similar and everyone has an opinion. Jesus, what an awful situation to be placed in.

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