**WANTED** Original Song Lyrics

**WANTED** Original Song Lyrics

I listen to Radio 2 and I love it.  The station has some great DJ’s, some fantastic debate, guests and great music.  Literally I think it has something for everyone.

I turned my loyal back on Radio 1 a year or 2 ago and haven’t looked back since.  I’m obsessive about listening to Popmaster with Ken Bruce every morning, I love listening to the debates and feeding my thirst for knowledge about current affairs with Jeremy Vine and I think Chris Evans is simply a genius when it comes to radio broadcasting.

However, I have a point to make.  A point and a rant perhaps.  There seems to be an influx of singers from days gone by hoping to resurrect their singing career lately.  Take Rod Stewart for example, a very successful singer from back in the day (my Mum is like his biggest fan ever), Maggie May is a great song, it tells a story.  His latest offerings are very unlikely to hit the dizzy heights of his previous hits.   This I believe is down to his lyrics.  They are woeful.  I immediately know what is to come when I listen to the song, it’s that predictable.

“Love is like a four leaved clover, hard to find and hold on to”. 

Really Rod, is that the best you’ve got?  A four leaved clover??? Please.

This leads me on to Sir Cliff Richard, I’ve never been a fan.  Not even Summer Holiday is a song I would ever choose to listen to.  Sorry Cliff, but you make me cringe.

His latest song “Golden” is really anything but.

“And as the seasons change, one thing remains the same”. 

When I heard this on Radio 2 the other day, before Cliff had even muttered the word change, I knew what was to come.  I just knew.  This is a lyric that has been used in SO many songs over the years.  Come on Cliff, surely you can do better than that.

I honestly have no idea how this song made it to the ‘A’ playlist on Radio 2.

Perhaps it’s my age, I don’t know.  I just feel the music industry is so competitive and full of such talent these days that the singers of old need to up their game a bit if they want to make a dent in the charts.  Maybe they’re doing it for the love of the music, but still, I feel they can do better than this.  It’s quality not quantity.

Taking a side step from the lyric side of things, I have to have a bit of a rant about another band who have just brought a new song out (another Radio 2 favourite).  Simply Red.  I love a bit of Mick Hucknall, he has a superb voice.   What isn’t superb, however, is his new song “The Ghost Of Love” (cringe title or what? Listen to it, I dare you).  The lyrics aren’t great, for sure.  The worst part of it for me?  The music.  It sounds like a theme tune to a really bad 1980’s soap opera. Or you know when you’re a kid and you were made to walk round a carpet shop or the like on a rainy Saturday afternoon and the shop would be playing some really naff tunes?  Ghost Of Love is that naff shop tune. Oh Mick, I expected more from you.

On the flip side of this, one act who made a comeback recently is Duran Duran and I actually quite like their new song “Pressure Off“, it’s quite Calvin Harris esque and shows they’ve moved with the times slightly.  It’s certainly an improvement on Rod and that elusive four leaved clover he’s trying to find.

Here’s Our Rod, searching for that four leaved clover of his.  Hope he holds on to it if he finds it.




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