Freddie Mercury…..The Greatest Ever Performer

Freddie Mercury…..The Greatest Ever Performer

Today (October 31st) marks 40 years of Bohemian Rhapsody.  The absolute anthem that was brought to us by the incredible Queen.

We all know the song, we’ve probably all tried to attempt singing it at one stage during an ill advised Karaoke session.  Alas, nobody, I repeat, nobody will ever come close to Freddie Mercury when it comes to belting it out.

He’s amazing isn’t he, Freddie?  I’ve always been of the opinion there has never been a greater performer than the man himself.

Sadly, I’m too young to have ever seen him live myself.  I was pondering compiling a list a while ago, of musicians who I would love to see perform live, past and present.  Freddie would be top of my list, all day long.

I’ve spent many a time watching old clips on YouTube of him performing in concert and of course taking to the stage at Live Aid in 1985.  It’s goose bump galore for me.

His voice is second to none, totally and utterly flawless.  His stage presence incredible; he literally has the crowd in the palm of his hand, hanging on to every note.

Freddie was and will always continue to be an undeniable icon.  Someone musicians will always look up to.  I’ve made no secret of how impressed I was by an X Factor contestant called Seann Miley Moore.  In his first audition, Seann wowed judges and audiences by singing (my all time favourite Queen song) The Show Must Go On.   I’m firmly of the opinion he did the superb song justice.  He has an operatic style to his voice which isn’t too dissimilar to Freddie himself.  He had a superb stage presence and for fear of sounding like an X Factor judge myself, he owned the stage.  Something Freddie did with complete ease.

I have to admit, I did cringe big time back in the summer while watching Glastonbury on TV.  Kanye West decided to take on Bohemian Rhapsody (no mean feat) and he declared to the thousands and thousands of festival goers that they were indeed watching the ‘greatest rockstar ever’.  Oh Kanye, my love, they weren’t.

I couldn’t help but feel that was a bit of an insult to Freddie, especially as he was performing Bohemian Rhapsody at the time.

A few days after Glastonbury, a rather funny and perhaps poignant video was doing the rounds on social media.   It depicts Freddie Mercury watching Kanye West performing Bohemian Rhapsody and then showing him how it’s done after.  It sums up a point perfectly for me, it really was no contest!

Although Freddie was flamboyant and oozed confidence on stage, in real life he was very private and incredibly shy about his personal life.  This just makes me admire him all the more.  These days, many musicians are expected to over share intimate details about their private life to stay current.  It isn’t always about the music or indeed the talent.  Freddie never compromised his principles, he let his music, his song writing skills and his unbelievable singing voice do the talking.

Freddie has left behind a legacy and set a precedent for all musicians who have entered the music industry subsequently, only time will tell if anyone can ever reach his iconic status.

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  1. Rachel, this has got to be one of my favourite blog posts ever! I’m also a huge Queen fan (their music got me through my teenage years) and I agree that Freddie was the greatest ever performer. I’ve seen many performers try to sing Queen songs and hardly any can do it well – none can match Freddie (I love that video you posted!!). I was also too young to see him perform – I started getting into Queen when I was 11, a year after Freddie died. To this day, wherever I am and whatever I’m doing, if I turn on a Queen tune I feel instantly happy and uplifted. Freddie Mercury – what a legend! xx

    1. ourrachblogs

      Ah thank you so much Aimee, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. He really is an incredible performer isn’t he. This begs the question….what’s your favourite Queen song?? xx

      1. Ah that’s a tricky one! The Show Must Go On is up there. I also love their early stuff – March of the Black Queen and Doing All Right are two other faves. It’s too hard to pick just one! Xx

  2. Emily

    Love this blog post. My mum and dad are massive queen fans. Mum toyed with the idea of having the show must go on played at the end of dads funeral, we opted for a different song in the end because mum didn’t want to taint her memories singing along with dad. I know it’s an old post and you’ve reshared it today, but I’m happy you did. Love a bitta queen and on this rubbish day, you’ve reminded me that the show really must go on.

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