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10 Reasons I Love Pizza

If ever there was one of those ‘national’ days made with me in mind then today would be it.

The 9th February is National Pizza Day.  I’m not quite sure of the significance of this, I’m guessing it means we all use today to celebrate our love for pizza.  I expect the big chains; Dominos, Pizza Hut et al will be all competing to offer the best deals so pizza lovers can take full advantage.   I like to think it also means we can indulge in pizza without feeling guilty or putting any weight on but I think my hopes are slightly in vain here.

I make no secret of my extreme pizza obsession. Between the ages of 22 and 24 I used to order pizza most nights.  Pizza Hut was usually my go to takeaway of choice, once 7pm would roll around I imagined the staff to all have bets on what time I’d ring through with my very specific order.  A large (always large, never go smaller), Italian crust Margherita with extra cheese.  Emphasis on the extra just in case they didn’t quite hear.

No wonder I ended up in debt and the largest I’ve ever been. It was like an addiction.

These days a pizza is a treat. Thus far I’ve only had 2 in 2017.  Both within the first week of January. I blame the New Year blues for making me turn to my first love, sometimes only pizza will suffice.

So, with that in mind. And in keeping with the original theme of my blog, I thought I’d compile a list of the 10 reasons I adore pizza so much.

10.Melted cheese

I love cheese. I love all types of cheese, well, aside from cottage cheese, I just don’t see the point if I’m honest.  I also don’t really like cheese with fruits, like cranberry, that shit bends my mind a bit.  Cheese is a staple part of my diet and if you’re gonna melt it for me then I’ll probably be your new BFF.  Just watching that cheese stretch out when pulling a pizza slice away from its pizza home is a wonderful, wonderful sight.

Just look at it.  I defy you to find a better food picture.

9.It’s perfect hangover food

Picture this; you’ve had a heavy night. You can’t remember if you stumbled through the door at 1am or 5am.  Could be later.  You drank ALL of the wine.  The last 3 hours of the night are a total blur, in fact it’s not even a blur, you just see black when you think back to what you may or may not have got up to after that 9th shot of Sambuca.  The day after the night before is going to be long and it’s going to be painful.  You’ll be too nervous to go on Facebook through fear of what photos may have been uploaded of you, or what you may or may not have posted on your ex-boyfriends wall (do we still call it a wall, maybe we’ll ask Donald Trump, he knows lots about walls).

But if there’s one thing that will raise spirits, will help you get through the Day From Hell, is the thought that some friendly man or woman will bring you a hot, steaming pizza to your door, which means you don’t have to leave your house until your head stops banging or your mouth no longer feels like a 100 year old rug or until the feeling of overwhelming shame has finally left the building.

Pizza will make that hangover disappear. Unless you’re throwing up.  Then you just need to sip water as and when you feel you can and feel sorry for yourself whilst reminding yourself that you’ll never drink alcohol again.

Always factor pizza into your hangover.

8.I’m never left feeling unsatisfied

Pizza fills a hole. Often the act of eating pizza goes far too quickly but I’m always left feeling full and happy after.  And that my friends is a great feeling.

7.No washing up involved

No cutlery is needed. No plate (unless you’re posh, which I most certainly am not).  I can just eat and go straight to bed.  Amazing.

The easiness of it.

6.It never lets you down

Had a shit day at work? Order a pizza.  Been dumped? Order a pizza.  Got a cold?  Order a pizza.  Had a row with someone? Order a pizza.  Any issue you’ve got can temporarily be remedied by a pizza.  Yeah OK, so things will be back to being shit once you’ve closed that empty pizza box but just for those 15 minutes you’re eating said pizza, you’ll be in a state of utter euphoria.

5.It’s universally recognised

I have eaten pizza all over the world. Well, I say world, all over Europe because the furthest I’ve ever been is Cyprus.  Everyone serves pizza. Everyone understands the word pizza.  You will NEVER go hungry.

4.It brings people together

Because everyone loves pizza (if you don’t then why are you still reading this?) you’ll always find a common ground with someone. If you’ve just met someone and you’re struggling to find a way to strike up a conversation just ask them how they have their pizza.  You might end up disagreeing with them, but hey, no more awkward silences!

3.It stops arguments

What shall we have for tea?

I don’t know, what do you reckon we should have for tea?

How about salmon and something?

Nah that’s boring.

Well you fucking suggest something then.

I always suggest something, why are you being such a prick about it?

I’m not being a prick, you’re being a prick.

How about pizza?

Great idea.

2.Nothing, I repeat NOTHING beats that feeling of seeing the delivery driver walk up your drive. Not even looking at your first born child for the first time (OK, I exaggerate slightly)

Honestly, I do a little pizza dance everytime I see the hero walk out of his car, go to the backseat of said car and pull out his bag of goodies.

Hero’s don’t always wear capes.  They wear baseball caps and bring you pizza.

1.Come on now, do you really NEED 10 reasons? I had you at the first one.

J Lo knows.

As a footnote, can I just remind you that Valentines Day falls on a Tuesday this year, so if you buy into all of that shit, be aware this means it’s Two For Tuesday.   I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you eat both the pizzas to yourself.

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  1. I LOVE THE PIZZA. However, for me it doesn’t solve arguments it causes them. I once fell out with a friend at university over pizza. It was the end of a night out, I was carefully carrying my pizza back to halls. I was picturing the moment when I would be able to dive into the bad boy and eat it all. Then friend tells me that my cheese and tomato pizza is rubbish and that a hawaiian (how do you spell that?!) pizza is far superior. I was outraged and like you explained that fruit on cheese is just WRONG. Explained the merits of a plain cheese and tomato after a booze ridden night out. She wouldn’t have it. So I threw my pizza on the floor in disgust. Yep, night ruined! Not sure why I threw my pizza on the floor #FridayFrolics

  2. I could cry reading this. I had to go gluten free 18 months ago for health reasons and I miss pizza more than life itself!!!! Although I’ve had a couple of gluten free pizzas in that time, I cant lie, they were awful! Nothing beats that soft doughy stuffed crust, greased up with melted cheese……#thatfridaylinky

  3. Ha hubby went to Pizza Hut for his birthday. It really is the best and it does make you really full! I fancy one now and had it already this week xx #thatfridaylinky

  4. haha I never thought about the reasons why I like pizza, but you got me nodding all the way through this post! And now you made me feel like having one! #PoCoLo

  5. I’ve always been a lover of pizza, but have never had one delivered to my door! I know I haven’t lived…. It’s the stretchy, melted cheese that does it for me.

    Popping over from #PoCoLo


  6. I fecking love pizza too and guess what….. we’ve just been to pizza hut lol. Popping over from #ThatFridayLinky

  7. I didn’t eat pizza on National Pizza day because no one told me it was even a thing. Bastards.

    I can’t imagine needing 10 reasons to love it, but you summed it up. Now I’m going to go order a pizza in your honor. 😉


  8. The other day both children ate all of their dinner without a word of complaint, or any encouragement needed from me. They finished at the SAME time! Why? Pizza. In complete agreement with you. Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

  9. Nige

    Reading this on a Sunday morning just makes me want pizza for brekkie fab post as usual Rach dominos do amazing chicken wings Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  10. Mary


    *ahem* Excuse my exuberance.

    I’ve been avoiding pizza as I’m trying to lose quite a bit of weight, but boy do I ever love it. My two favourite types are quite different from each other! One of them is this super cheesy, super pepperoni-y (that’s a word, I promise *shifty eyes*) glory from a local place called Mario’s Pizza. has a luscious crust and ooooh yeah. The second would be just a thin-crust with tomato sauce, ricotta, and spinach!

  11. I LOVE me some pizza – tuna and sweetcorn if its at Pizza Hut but Dominos is totally a meat feast with a stuffed crust. Downside to this is that it makes Hubby’s farts the worst I have ever smelt! I therefore try to get so drunk post pizza it doesnt matter hahaha #PoCoLo

  12. Emily

    Mmm! I haven’t had pizza for a long time, but I do love a good thin, crispy crust pizza! Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

  13. Emmi

    I love pizza and I love homemade pizza, absolutely! Hey, I’m Italian! 😉
    Thank you for sharing! #Globalblogging

  14. I LOVE PIZZA. And my daughter too. I try to limit it to once a month as my poor cholesterol will be sky high… And it pairs marvelously with whisky. I had to grab a few to test for a blog I am writing about pairing whisky and pizza… #anyexcuse #globalblogging

  15. Yes, yes and yes! The best is NO WASHING UP!!! As long as there is no Pepperoni.. Not a fan at all… But a 3 cheese with loads of garlic… mmmmm… OK, I’ve gotta go on a Pizza run, I am starving! 🙂 #globalblogging

  16. Yay! Couldn’t agree more….LOVE PIZZA! my other half isn’t so keen (weirdo) which sometimes makes me question our compatibility! Fab post #globalblogging

  17. Wendy

    Oh God..I love pizza too and now I can’t stop thinking about it! I agree with all of these reasons and I totally forgot it was 2 for Tuesday today, now I’m sad we’ve already made plans for dinner!xx #pocolo

  18. My daughter even made pizza at nursery to celebrate it! Tasted a bit like cardboard by the time she got it home though. Thanks for linking up #globalblogging

  19. All good points. I love pizza. It is almost entirely for the melted cheese! Thanks so much for joining us for #FridayFrolics

  20. Crap. now I want pizza. Literally, there is not really a day that goes by that I don’t want pizza. #showmeyours

  21. Scott

    I agree that one of the biggest benefits of ordering pizza is that you don’t have to clean up anything. This is really great for people who are eating on the go or don’t have time to clean things up. I remember I ate a lot of pizza during my college career. It was nice to be able to split a pizza with a couple friends and we all left satisfied.

  22. #thesatsesh i think I’ve commented on this bad boy before. Pizza never lets you down – only the person cookie it (hate burnt edges). Im so glad you could come and play in our linky, i love your writing style and its excuse to read more of it.

  23. Andy

    Pizza. Always awesome.
    Good Gluten Free Pizza – even better…


  24. Oh my gosh you’re probably not going to like me very much but I have never been a huge fan of pizza – I know! IT seems everyone in the world is but me. That said I have started to find an appreciation for its, especially really good thin home made pizza and its definitely great sharing food! #thatsatsesh

  25. I should not have read this before breakfast! It’s 7.30am and now I’m already craving pizza! Dominos doesn’t open until 10! #thesatsesh

  26. Had pizza last night from my favorite local pizza guy in honor of National Pizza Day. I love cheese pizza and sometimes pinapple. #thatsatsesh

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