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I’m not really one to buy into horoscopes.

I used to read them religiously back in the day, but soon realised they were far too broad to actually hold any meaning. Plus Mystic Meg never once predicted the winning lottery numbers for me.

Useless cow.

I’ve been known to frequent a tarot reader or a psychic on occasion, however.  With varied success.  One told me I was going to marry a ginger policeman.  This was 8 years ago and I haven’t even met a ginger policeman, let alone married one.   Maybe when she took a look at my tarot cards/palm she was having an off day.  It was quite hot. And my hands were quite sweaty.

Anyway, going back to that aforementioned list of adjectives. I’ve not just plucked a few random words out of the sky, although I’m sure to the cynical reader, I might as well have done.

That list is a list of typical personality traits for a Taurean. Which happens to be my star sign.

On the whole, I have to agree with the majority of them. I am pretty self-reliant; apart from when it comes to money and being driven around because I can’t/don’t drive myself.

I always try to be honest.   I’m definitely impatient.  I like to be reliable and I consider myself a realist.  I’m definitely stubborn; to a fault and indulgence is a problem with me.  Especially when it comes to chocolate, alcohol and clothes.  But if there’s one trait I can identify with more than any of the others then it’s jealousy.

I am a jealous bitch.

There, I said it.

The green eyed monster pays a visit to me on the regular. Daily in fact.

You name it, I’m jealous of it. If someone has a better house than me then I’m jealous.  If someone has a better outfit than me then I’m jealous.  And if someone has a bangin’ bod then I’ve turned a lurid green colour as a result.


I’ve written before about how I’m on the periphery of bitterness at times and I really need to reign this in. It’s not good for the soul and it only paves the way for negativity.  Really overwhelming negativity.

I’m competitive. I want to be the best, look the best and have the best.  The problem is, and this is a typical Taurean trait too; I’m lazy. SO FUCKING BONE IDLE!

It doesn’t take me much to lose motivation. I often find myself falling into bad habits and sometimes the monotony of routine causes me to lose focus.

This takes me on a negative thought process:

I can’t be arsed to do any exercise today.

It’s pointless anyway, you’ll never tone up and get back into that pair of shorts again.

Oh look at her on Instagram with her washboard stomach and her must-have-done-1000-squats-per- day-to-get-that-kind-of-arse.

You’ll never look like that.

She’s got nice eyelashes.  Bitch.

And BAM.  There we go; jealousy. The green eyed monster has reared his naughty head once again. Nice to see you, to see you not.

There I am, feeling a horrible jealous type feeling which just makes me hate myself all the more.

I have high expectations for myself. I want to achieve great things.  I want to prove to others and to myself that I can have it all.  My dreams can be realised.  I can get back the body I had when I was 26 and I can be really happy with it too.

But what’s the point in feeling jealous? Where is that going to get me?  Apart from being bitter.  And, lest we forget, envy is one of the 7 deadly sins (if you believe in all that crap).

What I need is someone with size 12 feet to give me a bloody good kick up the arse and a stern talking to.

Form an orderly queue ladies and gents.  Just don’t kick me too hard.

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  1. Tracey

    I agree with all of the above, especially the lazy part! I actually use the fact that I’m a taurean as an excuse for being lazy ? jealousy can be a good motivator, I don’t hate on people that have worked hard for their achievements but I know if I want the same I have to put in the effort, the problem is most of the time I can’t be arsed!

  2. Anne

    Jealousy is not something I’ve ever had a problem with. Life is too short to be jealous and you never know the full story, those lashes are obviously fake, that women with the tight abs may be with a boyfriend who treats her like crap, that woman with the nice house may suffer from severe depression…get the idea? Love yourself and your life and jealousy doesn’t have to play a part x

  3. Lisa

    Ah yes the green eyed monster. Don’t beat yourself up too much over this one, it’s a horrible human trait that we all have at some time to varying degrees. I’m generally to lazy to be bothered to be jealous though, it takes way too much energy 😉 #MMBC x

  4. Emma

    I’m a typical scorpion.

    I also get jealous. I hate myself for feeling like it sometimes.

  5. I think we’re lying if we say that we don’t get a touch of the green eyed monster occasionally. I have no issues in saying I’m jealous of people who seemingly snap back into shape after having a baby! Popping over from #MMBC

  6. BeardedOaf

    I’m a Gemini and pay literally no attention to traits and such.
    I’m jealous, a notorious over-thinker and lazy as a sloth in 120degree heat. I make 1990s/2000s dawn French look like a African marathon runner in respect to laziness.
    I can talk myself in and out of something and sometimes I don’t even need to move my lips. I look in the mirror and give myself a knowing nod and the person looking back just knows what I mean. So back to the sofa I go, tea and biscuits in hand.
    The one thing I don’t like doing is wasting money. This over-rules my sense of “can’t be bothered to move” so i tricked myself.
    I purchased a year membership to the local gym and knowing that this may not quite be enough, I purchased a massive block of personal trainer time. They tried to convince me that 4-5 sessions at the beginning would be best but oh no! A block of 25 is what I sent for.
    2weeks and 3days later I’ve dropped a stone in weight, started to tone up and have earnestly started eating clean (apart from last Saturday when I ate two slices of pizza and a double burger, chips and onion rings) don’t tell my trainer!
    Don’t get me wrong, I still hate everyone in my eye line and still spend more than my quota horizontal on the sofa but you know, small steps.

  7. Helen

    I hate being jealous but it’s inevitable because I’m fat and have no money, a result of laziness. I’m a Leo so I’m supposed to be loyal and love being the centre of attention – after a few drinks may be but certainly not before! #StayClassyMama

  8. I think we can all be guilty of jealousy, whether it’s related to someone else’s looks, career or holidays. I’ve tried to avoid it but it’s impossible not to see someone else’s success/beauty and think, “Man, why can’t I have that?” Not that jealousy changes a single thing about our own situation. #stayclassymama

  9. Eeesh it’s so easy to be jealous. I reckon most of the time we’re all jealous of each other because we see what the OTHER person has and don’t take for granted the things that WE have. And you’re right – it’s a sure-fire way of breeding bitterness and unhappiness. I hope you find a way to fight it. I like to remind myself with a short list of things that I can be happy about #stayclassymama

  10. What a refreshing read. It sounds to me that you’re not jealous really, you just want the best for yourself and your family. Comparison is normal and it’s how the human race evolved after all. The survival of the fittest. I’m not a naturally jealous person (I want to be BFs with people I admire) but I hate injustice and bitchiness, I don’t take crap. Channel the envy you feel into productivity, even small stuff. You write so well on here and twitter so focus on your strengths. There’s only one of us all: our distinctive voice, appearance etc. Don’t forget it x

  11. According to me, almost every person comes across the situation when he/she feels depressed. Jealousy starts here. It may have different forms. Some people get jealous of someone’s success, look, appearance, personality, lifestyle, etc. We must accept ourself as we are. Born Unique! We must consistently remind ourself that there is no need to make comparisons.

  12. I think everyone is jealous sometimes. It’s human nature and I think it’s because we mostly are ambitious beings. We want to have more, do better, be better. thank you for sharing with #StayClassymama

  13. Iain

    Good article – If you’d like to try hypnotherapy instead of that size 11/12 to make changes. PM me.

    I’ve worked with this many times!

    Anyway, great and honest article – thanks Rach.

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