A Modern Day Love Story

A Modern Day Love Story

I’ve got a confession to make.

I wouldn’t call it a shocking confession. I just feel I need to get a guilty pleasure of mine off my chest.

I watch Jeremy Kyle.

Now, I know I’ve taken to both Twitter and my blog to slag off Jezza in the past, but when it’s 5:30am and I’m getting ready for work, there’s little else to watch whilst I’m drying my hair. Don’t judge.

Anyway, whilst watching my new found guilty pleasure, I had a thought.

Why doesn’t Jeremy Kyle do a celeb special?

With Reality TV being more popular than ever before, I think I could be on to something here. Barely a day goes by where relationships in the public eye aren’t falling apart in spectacular fashion.  There’s cheating allegations, questions over parentage, drug scandals.  You name it, it’s played out for all to see; usually over Instagram and Twitter.  It’s like a soap opera, the only difference being this is real life.  Apparently.

I’ve given this a lot of thought. I even have the perfect pairing for the pilot episode.

Step forward Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell.

Who? I hear you cry!

Well, have you been living under a rock for the last 20 months or so? Would be my retort to that.

Nope, you probably just have a life that extends to something outside of the Z list celebrity obsessed culture.

Sadly, I don’t. Hence me having these ideas.

I truly believe Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell are the best possible candidates for Jeremy Kyle: Celebrities.

Graham would have an absolute field day with Jeremy McConnell. The aftercare team would surely be in their element, it’d be their biggest challenge yet.  But they’re well equipped for it, I’m confident of it.

Cheating allegations – check

Drug allegations – check

Paternity tests – check

Social media spats – check

We’ve been treated to the lot.   To quote Jeremy Kyle’s infamous line “we’ve got a full house”.

There’s no doubt about it.  The relationship is toxic to say the least.  And everything has been played out in public.  There’s been no dignified silences.  No requests for privacy.  We, the public, appear to know every single intricate detail of their shower of shit relationship.  Which, of course, means people will have opinions on what they’re reading, what they’re seeing and what they’re hearing. Just yesterday Stephanie Davis posted a long, rambling monologue on Instagram.

It wasn’t the most articulate pieces of writing, however, I did my best to try and decipher and managed to ascertain she has sadly experienced a miscarriage. A miscarriage she says is due to the stress she has been under during Jeremy’s assault trial.  That’s right, her ex has also been accused and convicted of assault.  I bet Jezza Kyle simply can’t wait to get his hands on him and shout in his face “Come on then, come and have a go with me if you think you’re hard enough”, whilst hiding behind his burly bouncer Steve.

Of course, I can only condemn all of this. It’s utterly reprehensible that Steph has been assaulted by her ex-partner.  However, it’s also been reported that she too attacked Jeremy, something she has been arrested and bailed for.

A quick Google search of the couple reads like a charge sheet. He leaves a hotel with a bruised and battered face, she is in hospital amid claims of an attack.   Why isn’t her family stepping in?  First and foremost I’d suggest removing all social media accounts from her phone and ensuring both receive the help and support they clearly need.

Also, I can’t help but wonder, were the couple not celebrities, would social services have gotten involved by now? With all these allegations of drugs, alcohol abuse and violence surely it’s alarm bells to child safeguarding services?

It’s a desperately sad and tragic situation. And whilst I’d normally have sympathy for any woman who found themselves in this horrid set of circumstances, I can’t help but find myself eye rolling at the mere mention of both Steph and Jeremy.  Whilst also feeling dreadfully sad for their child, a child who isn’t even a year old yet.  A child who one day will likely stumble across article upon article about their parent’s toxic and dangerous relationship.  The mudslinging, the name calling, the social media posts and the TV interviews that all took place during the first year of his life.

ok magazine

Lastly, I did have to laugh at something yesterday.  I can’t not mention it here because it just highlights how utterly ridiculous people can be.

A “concerned” member of the public had gone to The Mirror newspaper to express how worried she was for Steph amid claims she was drunkenly asking for people to score her drugs in Liverpool last week. So concerned was this member of the public that she felt Steph Davis needed a reality check.  This “reality check” came in the form of a series of photos of Steph with said member of the public, published in a tabloid along with direct messages between this individual and Steph.

Claire said: “I wanted to speak out as I think Steph needs a huge reality check. She has so much going for her, she is a mum and can be really lovely.

“If I had one message for her it would simply be: ‘Don’t wreck your life babes’.”

Claire, babes, I think the only cheque you’re interested in, is the one you can now cash at the bank, courtesy of The Mirror.

What a world we live in eh?

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  1. Pen

    goodness me. I feel so sorry for that poor child. Pen x #stayclassymama

  2. Emily

    I don’t watch JK, but hubby does. The show just makes me angry tbh! Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

  3. Celeb Jezza is a fab idea! I did LOL at the bit where you say Jezza stands up to his guests then hides behind security. I have to admit I have no idea who these “celebs” are you’re talking about. *hides behind hands* #ThatFridayLinky

  4. Nige

    I have to admit it’s my guilty pleasure too! Love it and it’s total rubbish and just can’t stop watching it great read Rach x Thank you for linking to #ThatFridayLinky Please come back next week for

  5. I have never watched it and have little clue as to what’s going on but it sounds totally nuts. Thank you for sharing with #StayCLassyMama

  6. Don’t you show your concern of a person by going to The Mirror and telling them what you think?!?!

    People are such cows to not admit they just want the fame and payday of going to a tabloid. Sadly, I’ve never watched the show you were talking about since America doesn’t get the good stuff! #GlobalBlogging

  7. In SA (where Charlene ☝? (HIgh Heels and Fairy Tales) is also from, I have to say, I have never heard about these people. But you find strange people every where. Every country has it fair share of Z celebrities. SA is no different. Just sad for the kid. #globalblogging

  8. Tracey

    I’ve watched this relationship from the beginning and often think that poor child. What role models it has in those 2. They desperately need help … I think Jeremy would have a field day!
    Another suggestion how about the ‘new’ celebrity couple Sarah Harding & Chad! That’s got disaster written all over it !

  9. Tracey

    I’ve watched this relationship from the beginning and often think that poor child. What role models it has in those 2. They desperately need help … I think Jeremy would have a field day!
    Another suggestion how about the ‘new’ celebrity couple Sarah Harding & Chad! That’s got disaster written all over it ! #globalblogging

  10. I have watched how their relationship has played out (if you are in the uk it’s tricky not to as they all over everywhere) and I feel so sorry for their baby. Like you say, he is not a year old yet! In fact, I would go as far as to say he should go and stay with her mum for a bit so that Steph can get herself together. They are so selfish and I now turn off or away if I see them on a magazine or TV show. You are right that if this baby was born to a “noncelebrity” (I’m not sure they are celebrities but you know what I mean) he would have some sort of care order in place. Poor child. I just wish they would both grow up and realise that the world doesn’t revolve around them but I don’t expect they will! #globalblogging

  11. Tracey

    Jeremy Kyle really annoys me but I would check out a celebrity special. Kerry Catona and Katie Price would also make great candidates for the show! #globalblogging

  12. I know who Jeremy is but who are the other 2? Sorry! I’m guessing reality TV #GlobalBlogging

  13. I cant get enough of their drama! its so public, its brilliantly sad.
    I call next toxic CBB drama splashed out like these two will be Sarah and Chad… The way he told her to put a dress on last night was slightly controlling and no doubt she’ll use her “vulnerability” as a reason for him coming out as mister nasty. interesting as I told the work girls he’s how i imagined Mr Grey to be *drool*

  14. Looks like a total train wreck…but I’d probably tune in if it aired here in the US…just saying:))


  15. Katy

    It’s always fun to take a peek at UK gossip via your site. Otherwise, I’d never hear about most of these people.


  16. Chloe

    I’m not a Jeremy Kyle fan, but am aware that is often a source of entertainment. I haven’t been following this toxic relationship all sounds very sad. I’m bet that there are several celebs that would be great on the show #globalblogging

  17. I don’t watch it, but I don’t judge! We all have our tv trash. This story is horrible enytobmake it to his show, that’s for sure. #globalblogging

  18. She shouldn’t have left Zayn, or something, I don’t know. I don’t know who these people are. LOL I do seem to know too much about celebs in the US, so I’m definitely not immune. #globalblogging

  19. I think the This Morning sofa is the Jeremy Kyle of the Z List Celeb. But you are right – it would make a great special. #GlobalBlogging

  20. No idea of these peeps here in OZ, but I do love a good bit of saucy gossip! #FridayFrolics

  21. Emma

    They are such a toxic pairing and I agree that Jezza would love ripping them apart on his show, he would probs shout “you twooooo are car crash, pure car crash. Think your child and grow-up”. Argh. I half suspect that the next couple to join Jezza might be Sarah Harding and Chad whatever his name is, from Big Brother….Thanks for linking-up #FridayFrolics

  22. I must admit, I am not aware of any of these folk, maybe due to the fact that I live across the pond where our everyday government is our reality show! Oy vey! What a world says it all! <3 #FridayFrolics

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