You are currently viewing 10 VERY Annoying Adverts

10 VERY Annoying Adverts

I’m sorry.  All I can say is sorry.  Because some of these are really, really going to irritate you.

10. Cillit Bang

Barry fucking Scott.  Will you just twat off.

9. DFS

I hated this song when it first came out back in 2005 and my hate for it ran even deeper when DFS decided to sample it for one of their wanky adverts.

FUN FACT ALERT (it’s not that fun, don’t get your hopes up)

This advert got banned.  But not because it was so bloody irritating.  Oh no.  A few (21) sad bastards complained because they thought the sofas looked too large and it a was misleading advert.

These people are probably the same people who ring up OFCOM to complain when someone says ‘bloody’ 5 minutes before the Watershed.

8. Safestyle

“You know the one, you buy one you get one free, I said you buy one, you get one free”.

You do know the one don’t you.  That hideous, hideous advert with the bloke pretending to be some knock off version of Fred Elliott.

You even did the catchprase in a thick Northern accent in your head, didn’t you?

Now, sadly(!), this advert has been totally erased from You Tube.  I can’t be certain but this could just be because the star of the advert was convicted of fraud a couple of years ago.  So my guess is that Safestyle have removed all evidence of ever being associated with him.

You can’t blame them really can you? However, if you are a glutton for punishment then you can still see a sort of version of the advert here.  Be warned, it’s a Mail Online article.

7. Any Iceland advert that featured Peter Andre

You’re telling me Peter Andre goes to Iceland? Does he fuck.

It’s no secret I cannot bear Peter Blandre.  It’s no secret at all.  Thus, I’m quite glad Iceland have ditched Peter Andre from their adverts.  Just please, whatever you do, don’t bring back Kerry Katona.

6. Funeral insurance

My son watches a lot of Challenge TV.  It has its advantages and its disadvantages.  One of the disadvantages is an advert that is basically played on loop.

It features two women having a mooch around a garden centre whilst morbidly talking about funerals and “didn’t June have a lovely send off, I hope I have one like that”.

I get the message.  We need to plan for our demise.  But do we need to be having the conversations whilst fingering a Petunia?  No, quite frankly, we do not.

Ridiculous advert.

Luckily there is no clip to bore you with, but if you stick Challenge TV on (Channel 46 for Freeview and 145 for Sky) between the hours of 1pm and 5pm on a weekday, there it will be, in all its morbid glory.

5. Go Compare

Surely this one needs no introduction.  If I needed insurance, I would make a point not to use Go Compare purely because of the advert.

Although, one thing I have to mention is how sorry I do feel for the Tenor.  I know, the advert is hideously irritating, however, a couple of years ago I was shocked to read the poor bloke has received endless abuse and even death threats because of this very commercial.

People are shit aren’t they? Shit and weird.

4. EE

This may shock regular Our Rach Blogs readers (hi Mum), because I make no secret of my love for Miss Britney Spears.  However, and this is a big however, Kevin Bacon dressed in the red PVC cat suit from Oops I Did It Again does my head in.

In fact, every single EE advert that features the over excited Mr Bacon drives me up the sodding wall.

I’m on O2 (for my sins), but if I was looking to change networks then I’d make a point of not going to EE just because of Kevin Bacon and his annoying adverts.

3. Flash

The problem I have is this.

Whenever I express my disdain for an advert, this only encourages my son to fall in love with it.  This is one of his favourites.  The second that singing dog takes to my screen, I get a nudge in the ribs by my 4 year old who proudly declares “it’s that advert again Mummy”.

The dog, as beautiful as he is, makes me cringe.  Almost as much as his annoying owner does.

2. TUI

Chaka Khan should be ashamed of herself.  Authorising her absolute tune to be used in this way.

It’s an irrational rage I feel when this advert comes on, I’ll happily concede that.  However, I’m unapologetic about it.  I almost want those waiters who pick up the all singing, all dancing holiday maker at the end of the advert to just chuck her in the pool.  I bet she’s got hair like mine, goes on the turn the second it gets wet.

1. Park Christmas

When you’ve eaten the last of the Mince Pies and banished the Christmas decs to that corner of the loft for another year the last thing you want to see on January 2nd as you head back into work is the Park Christmas advert with the highly organised Mother declaring she can’t wait for Christmas.

If there is one advert that is overplayed throughout the whole of January then it is this one.  And I swear with each year that passes Park manage to make an advert that’s even more annoying than the previous one.

And I’m telling you now, I bet that kid’s laugh is edited in.  You can just tell.


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  1. I hate all of these apart from the Flash one….I love that dog. hehehe It always makes me chuckle x

  2. Brian

    Fuckin dog should be put down, in a flash

  3. Pascal O'Mahony

    “What’s going on?”, the PPI advert for Gladstone Brookes. Drives me up the bloody wall.

    1. John Doe

      “You didn’t know there’s a deadline?”

      Yeah, only fucking 12 months+ to put in a claim.

      1. John Doe

        “You didn’t know there’s a deadline?”

        Yeah, only f+++ing 12 months+ to put in a claim.

  4. Berni

    This both made me laugh and get wound up about ads at the same time. I hate pretty much all adverts . With one or two exceptions but you’ve certainly managed to pick out some of the worst of the worst. I abhor that Flash ahhh AHH dog ad. …and like you I would never. Never Ever use Go Compare because of their annoying adverts. Ha! The negative power of advertising

  5. I’ll be honest I love a bit of Barry haha. I hate the Park adverts, that advert really is getting on my wick, just get over it we have just had Christmas I don’t want to think about next Christmas X #thesatsesh

  6. Ha ha, totally agree with all of these except I did quite find Kevin Bacon as Britney quite funny the first 50 times and I’m sorry to say I still quite like the Flash one even though it makes me cringe slightly ?

  7. Christy

    You’ve just made me so glad I only watch Netflix now and don’t have to deal with adverts. I remember the days of being enraged whenever an annoying ad came on the TV!

  8. I hate the go compare one. But the worst I would say is the one with the men in the tight shorts and high heels dancing. That one really gets on my nerves! #MMBC

  9. Anne

    My kids love the Flash advert so much, I buy Cif (which used to be Jif!) I used to like Kevin Bacon once upon a time. I hate all of these ads, even the insurance one that I’ve not seen.

  10. Misa

    I hate the Tui ads with a passion. It’s an awful brand name as well.

  11. Haha! Yes, most of these drive me up the wall. My youngest loves the flash ad!
    I think my worst one has to be Go Compare. It is the most pants advert ever!

    Thanks so much for joining in with #MMBC. Have a fab week x

  12. Pen

    haha, you remind me of why I always fast forward through the adverts. Pen x #thesatsesh

  13. That frigging TUI one drives me round the bend. I used to love that song until they wrecked it. I have to pause the TV now when it’s on, it gives me the rage!

  14. Hahaaa, I totally get riled by some of these. I did not know the DFS advert was banned though, I remember watching it. Thanks for linking up #BloggersBests

  15. Jen

    I hate them all but that Safestyle one… argh! Hideous! #bloggersbest

  16. Talya

    I have to admit…I don’t watch TV only Netflix so I am so out of the loop when it comes to ads but WTF Peter Andre doing Iceland….whatever next?! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely xoxo

  17. Oh my kids HATE that park advert. We have an AD in Holland for a toy called Hippy Sticks and that is totally annoying with a dreadful tune, they boys actually sing along Shitty sticks to it ? But the worse ones have to be the Canesten ads. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime ?

  18. Andrew

    That hideous dance in the park advert makes cringe and the new safesyle ad any advert that totally destroys a classic song from an a acoustic souless cover or a reworded song!!

  19. I share your hatred of most of those ads, but the TUI one….Arghhhhhh! I bloody hate that with a passion. I actually turn the TV over to avoid it. She’s a pretty girl, but she can’t sing, she can’t dance and she doesn’t walk like Rhianna! Enough said! #MMBC

  20. That TUI one makes me won’t to vomit! Oh I couldn’t watch the EE one it said this add is not available in your country What The . . . .? Thank you so much for sharing this with us for #ablogginggoodtime Just to let you know that sadly Catie (Spectrum Mum) will no longer be a co-host for #ablooginggoodtime, we will have a new co-host this Thursday and you can still link up through Katie or myself Thanks, love Mackenzie

  21. Tubbs

    Queen should be ashamed too frankly. It’s not like they actually needed the money …

  22. Numan Xapha

    The Tui advert. Yes, well. I wish specific harm to come to all those involved with it.

  23. Sarah.L

    TV adverts that get on my wits end that you haven’t mentioned-

    Trivago-If I see that Australian woman one more time, I’m going to reach through my TV and strangle her. She’s nothing special.

    Garnier Nutrisse-Another useless pair of z-listers aka Holly Willoughby and Davina McCall. Get back to your nursing homes, Davina and Holly. We’re not the least bit interested.

    Any kind of clothing advert-BORING. GENERIC. BLAND.

    Perfume adverts- Attention seeking and desperate. A lot like the actors who Starr in them. Bore off, Cara Delevigne.

    Sunlife-Patronizing at it’s best. It tricks me for a few seconds into thinking the short-haired woman is Susan Kennedy off ‘Neighbours’.

    G-Tech Air Ram-Why are you on our TV screens all year round? Let me breathe.

    McDonald’s-You’re loving it? I’m hating it. They don’t even make their chocolate milkshakes like they used to. You ask for a chocolate milkshake. They’ll give you a coffee one.

    Argos-Get a new theme tune already!!!’re a version of

  24. I read this last night after waking up utterly groggy around 2.30 having missed a blooming blog webinar I was staying up for. I was totally awake by the time I’d finished reading it I’d laughed so friggin’ much.
    Ok so 1) Cillit Bang just needs to be renamed anyway for people like me who have a dirty mind.
    2) omg that dog…I actually googled dog breeds trying to work out what mis it might be)
    3) Wet myself at the people complaining over the sofa size. Reminds me of a seatbelt safety ad that was taken off air after viewers complained it was upsetting and disturbing…YEAH that was the whole point cos you’d be more than upset if you don’t wear one.
    4) That’s just nuts about the singer receiving abuse. People can be vermin
    5) But how DO you sell funeral insurance? lol.
    6) Park can just go [beep] themselves. January ffs.
    PS Went to bed with that chuffing DFS song AND the Go Compare one in my head so thanks for that Rach

  25. Yes, I totally did read that slogan in a thick northern accent. I hate any adverts like that that just shout at you. Oh and pretty much and period related advert. Especially the ones with girls on roller skates or jumping out of planes . Why aren’t they at home in manky PJ’s with their head in a bucket of chocolate ice cream? Thanks so much for linking up to the final #FridayFrolics. I will continue reading your posts. Thanks for the giggles.

  26. Emma

    YES TO EVERY SINGLE SODDING ONE OF THESE ADVERTS. In particular the Iceland one. Peter Andre has never stepped foot in one. Also, the food they have on the advert is never in my local Iceland. Lies, it’s all lies! Thanks for joining us at #FridayFrolics

  27. Ione Kapp

    i dont like any of the annoying adverts however would have thought the Total Colgate advert would be in the top 5 it is so CHEESEY it makes me sick.
    i woumd rather tolerate the Flash advert at least you can have a smile.

  28. Jay2

    Arrgghhhh! I hated the TUI advert from the first time I saw it. Then I flew with them to India last Feb and was subjected to it piped through their dreamliner planes from boarding until after take off on a loop. AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH

    And we’ve booked again with them for next year. PLEASE CHANGE THE FUCKING MUSIC!

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