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Twitter Twit #1

When it comes to celebrities, there are a few I feel some sort of affinity towards.

Actually, let me adapt that sentence slightly.

Let’s say famous people. People who are in the public eye; for whatever reason. The reason I’m changing the celebrity bit is because I take umbrage to the way the word celebrity is bandied about these days. Historically, it’s about people who need celebrating. For whatever reason. Although, usually that reason extends to someone having noteworthy talent. Not just someone who got shiftfaced on TV and banged some random round the back of a kebab shop.

The inception of Reality TV paved the way for a new wave of famous people. Much to the dismay of many.

Now I love Reality TV. Celebs Go Dating? Love it. TOWIE? Was obsessed with it. Real Housewives of Cheshire? Can’t miss it. But I know, deep down, it’s as ridiculous as it is addictive. But I’ll own my ridiculous obsession.

There are certain people who have starred in these programmes that, like I said, I have an element of empathy for. In some ways I feel like I’ve grown up with them. Mainly because I’ve had an insight into their lives through magazine interviews, on-screen romances/fall outs and the Twitter beef they’ll inevitably become embroiled in at some stage in their “career”.

Step forward Lauren Goodger.

She is someone that I did have a modicum of affection for.

She’s the same age as me. She was the first person to drop the C bomb on TOWIE (first episode an’ all). And she’s dealt with her fair share of online abuse for her weight, for her outfit choices and for her lifestyle. Thus, I sometimes feel for her a little.

Yes, there are times I cringe for her a bit when I see her twerking on Instagram. However, there is something about Lauren that I can’t help but like.

Today, however, that affinity came to an abrupt end. I now think she’s a bit of a moron. And I’m disappointed.

Why? I don’t hear you cry.

Because of this tweet.

lauren goodger

Oh Lauren.

This tweet was in reaction to a story regarding a Russian family who, upon filming their Nanny, discovered her assaulting their baby whilst they were away from home.

Horrendous.  Utterly horrendous.  No doubt about it.  The fact that someone can do that to a defenceless baby sickens me to my core.  How awful it must’ve been for the parents to watch that footage of someone they’ve trusted with their child to behave in such an appalling way.

And what’s Lauren’s hot take on this atrocious story?

Yep, let’s blame the parents.

Because you know, us working parents don’t have enough guilt to contend with without someone wading in and telling us what we should and shouldn’t be doing with our children.

Unsurprisingly, Lauren’s tweet caused a lot of online upset.  Especially amongst parents who, in my opinion, rightfully took umbrage to Lauren’s rant.

It wasn’t just parents who told Lauren exactly how they felt.  Nanny’s also took the time to tell her how wrong she was.  Because this is the thing.  There will be thousands upon thousands of dedicated, caring, conscientious Nanny’s who put the welfare of the child they’re entrusted with above everything else.  Only to scroll through Twitter and see some jumped up moron tarring them with the same brush.

Lauren’s unrelenting with her approach.  As evidenced with her final sentence declaring she doesn’t care what people say.  Arrogant as well as moronic.

lauren goodger

lauren goodger

But don’t worry. She’s going to do a Snapchat so we can understand exactly what it is she’s trying to say.  Which filter do you think she’ll go for?  I reckon the one with dog ears.


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  1. Cum on your face

    Narcissist alert – you’re always pouting and posting selfies, yet you criticise others. Self awareness it seems, is a rare commodity. Attention seeking, as you prove regularly, is not.

    1. Hamster McKenzie

      Where’s your face then sunshine?

  2. Ugh! What an idiot she is….
    Some people live with their head in the clouds while others have to go out to work to support their family! #PoCoLo

  3. Tubbs

    Oh dear … There’s a reason I sometimes take myself off twitter as that would so be me. Saying something suitably gobby and then back peddling furiously in the face of a howling mob.

  4. Martina

    I’ll make sure to check the CVs of any potential nannies. If they put ‘beating children’ in their hobbies and interests, I’ll steer clear. Because of course it’s that easy to tell if you’re leaving your child with a baddie.
    What a knob.

  5. Sophie

    She obviously needs attention. It all comes down to needing attention. She has totally missed the point…..sigh……She seemed so together when she first went on TV? Now she seems to have lost her way as she always seems to be having plastic surgery. Very sad. #thesatsesh

  6. It’s a shame when people seem to pass judgement against so many because of one persons actions, then publish it. It makes me wonder whether they are purposely trying to generate controversy?! Interesting read. #thesatsesh

  7. Jaki

    You know how I feel about this topic – but just wanted to stop by and give you the credit you deserve, especially since the first comment on here was written by yet another twat, sorry, twit. (Damn typos!).

    Great post and great points made. This Z lister clearly has no idea what it’s like to be a parent and should be keeping such comments to herself especially when the subject is of such a sensitive nature.

    I think I’ve put that as diplomatically as I can. Good job I’ve calmed down a bit since first finding out about it! Nice one chick! Keep up the good work! #PoCoLo

  8. I am quite pleased that I have no bloody idea who Lauren Goodger is – she sounds an absolute idiot. We have a nanny when I go to work 3 days a week – it’s the only way I can afford childcare as a nursery would be too much for twins (more than I get paid as a teacher). My kids LOVE our nanny and added to this I am going to work to help educate other people’s children – there’d be a problem if all the female teachers give up work when they had kids – the education system is in a bad enough state anyway!!!! It sounds utterly horrendous what the nanny did – but blanket statements and generalisations aren’t helpful. I’m sorry you got that awful comment at the top. People are blinking horrible…. lost of love xxx #thesatsesh

  9. Okay first of all I have no idea who Lauren Goodger is apart from your description of her – but to be honest in my opinion if she’s starred in one of those reality shows then, well it’s not really “fame” is it? As for her opinions on the issue I think it’s shocking what some people will write on Twitter. As if the parents don’t feel bad enough about leaving the child with a Nanny they then find out the nanny is abusing their children? I feel for them. Most parents puts their children first, above all else, and having someone attack you for putting your child first is just plain wrong.
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo

  10. I really have a problem with the use of the word celebrity these days for the reasons you write. Why should I celebrate someone who just happens to “act” in some reality TV show? Why should we celebrate second rate acting? Nope. These are not true celebrities and like others before me have written, I had never heard of this woman … I assume she is not a parent despite her apparent authority on the subject and should we happen to share adjacent seats on a bus one day (as if!) I fear she may not be too pleased with what I would have to say to her! Oh and on checking who she is on wiki and I love that they describe her not as a celebrity but as! an English television personality!. That sounds more appropriate to me and a term I will now use to describe such people. #pocolo

  11. I don’t actually know who the person referred to is but the point about not leaving kids with nanny’s is silly because heaps of abuse is conducted by people the children know so *mike drop* you can’t trust anyone.

    Also, my wife loves most of that trash TV that you mentioned. I don’t understand myself but it seems to be laced with telepathic addiction because it is oddly compelling #GlobalBlogging

  12. Urgh the silly thing. Wait until she possibly has kids! Sure she may change her mind. I can see why so many people were angry. Thank for sharing with #bloggersbest x

  13. I am fortunate to have my mum to provide childcare while I work but if I didn’t then I would have to find external paid help as thousands of women do. One bad case shouldn’t be seen as a reflection on the rest of the profession. Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

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