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Twitter Twit #2

It’s been a quiet couple of months with the Twitter Twit series (can you even call one blog post on the topic a series?!).

That wasn’t my intention.  I had the idea to make it a weekly thing.  But then my attention wasn’t really alerted to any mega Twits, aside from Kanye of course.  Kanye’s tweets provide enough material to keep me in blog posts for months.  In fact, whenever someone now has a bit of a Twitter nightmare I tell them they’re having a “Kanye”.

“Oh, you’ve had a total Kanye today, love”.

The thing I’ve discovered this week is when you Kanye yourself.   See below for visual aid.

kanye west

With the glorious benefit of hindsight, I wish I’d not hit reply on his tweet at stupid o’clock yesterday morning.

Why?! I don’t hear you cry.

One word.  Moreover, one acronym.


If you’re an avid social media user.  Or you watch the news as often as my Dad (rolling, literally rolling news. You could pop in his house at 11am and guarantee he’ll be watching the exact same news channel, which is more than likely telling the exact same news story when you pop back in 8 hours later.  He wouldn’t have moved.) then you’ll be au fait with the term MAGA.

It’s Donald Trump’s slogan.  ‘Make America Great Again’.

You might have seen him and his sycophants wearing those red hats with it adorned.  See below for a nausea inducing visual aid.  At your peril, of course.

donald trump

Within mere minutes – seconds even, my mentions filled with people telling me how I was a “piece of shit” (the charming woman who advised me of my piece of shit status had a gun as her Twitter header photo so, you know; irony) and that I was an ugly, jealous, spiteful feminist.  They clearly hadn’t read this article I’d written 3 months previous.

So, yeah.  Replying to Kanye’s tweet in what was a jokey type fashion was me literally Kanye-ing myself.  I’d say I wouldn’t do it again.  But I know what I’m like.

Anyway, back to the case in point. The actual reason for this post.  My Twitter Twit.

It isn’t Kanye West.  It isn’t even Donald Trump.  My Twitter Twit this week is a woman. Again.

AND YOU CALL YOURSELF A FEMINIST?! You might well declare.

Well, I don’t actually know if I do.  For what I’m about to articulate to you may go some way to denounce the feminist within me.

Step forward Dina Rickman.  A woman, who until yesterday, I’d never heard of.  Like myself, she has a verified blue tick on Twitter, but the way they dish the badge out these days (myself included) this means bugger all.

Before I put to you my opinion, please remember one thing.  I mean no malice towards Dina.  Or indeed anyone whom I declare my “Twitter Twit”.  This is just my opinion.  My words. Me poking fun at something I’ve read on Twitter, which I might think is a bit twitty.  Is that a word? Could we go for Twitter Twat? Twitter Twattery, maybe?  I’ll let you decide.

Yesterday morning my Twitter Twit tweeted the following (try saying that 6 pints deep on a Saturday night).

transport for london

It blew up.  As you can see.  Almost 4,000 replies.  This doesn’t take into consideration the amount of quote tweets (where you offer up commentary whilst RT’ing said tweet) nor does it take into consideration the articles that were written about it.  Because believe me, there were a fair few.

Now, unless you’ve been residing under a rock over the last few months, you’ll likely be well versed with the word ‘feminism’ and the turn said movement has taken in recent times.  Something that concerns me slightly.

Some people agreed with Dina.  Her defenders concurred that complimenting someone on their beauty and the like whilst travelling on public transport was tantamount to sexual harassment.

And then there were others who questioned what Dina had been smoking and basically said “you ok hun?”.

The latter was most common.  By an overwhelming majority.

And now it’s time for me to share my thoughts on #TubeGate

The overriding feeling I felt was sadness.  Followed by confusion, peppered with a bit of anger.

“When you see something beautiful in someone, tell them”.

Dina, my love, Transport for London are not advising commuters to bound straight up to someone on the Victoria Line at 08:35 with the line “Nice tits, they real?” or “You’ve got blow job lips, fancy wrapping them round my cock?”

Because, being honest, if you’re approaching a woman with the aforementioned lines the only thing I can hope for is that you get a stiletto wedged between your legs with brute force.

The way I interpret this innocuous ‘Thought of the Day’ is merely complimenting someone.  In the most innocent of ways.  Without so much as an afterthought.

Perhaps a female tube user notices a gorgeous necklace a fellow female passenger is wearing and felt the need to share her admiration (whilst trying to find out where she bought it).

Perhaps an elderly gentleman is struck by how happy a couple are looking whilst snuggled up to each other on the tube.  He doesn’t see much happiness these days so is really touched by what he’s witnessed.  He tells the couple he can see that they are made for each other and that his wife had made him that content for years.

Or, perhaps, a male (heaven forbid, quick call the police) commuter adores the colour coat a female who is sat opposite him is wearing. It reminds him of a coat his late Mother would wear.  It might bring him joy to share this story with her.  Is this harassment?

Fuck. Off.


Not every man who opens his mouth to speak to a female wants to shag her.  A man can look at a woman in a totally platonic way.  This happens.  It’s actually more common than you’d think.

How sad has society become when we look at a wisdom quote TFL shared this week and immediately see the threat?  There is SO much anger around us.  SO much hatred.  A few words of kindness, a small compliment.  It really could go some way to improve someone’s commute to the office on a miserable Wednesday morning.

I’m a cynical person.  God knows it does my Mother’s head in.  She’s always chastising me for immediately looking at the negative in someone or something.  But even I, Cynical Cyndi, can’t see the bad in this.

I see the beauty.  I see the difference it could make to someone’s day.  The positive difference.

If a stranger has approached me to tell me they love my hair, it’s a lovely feeling.  Often I have to quickly make sure I inform the compliment giver that my boyfriend cuts it for me, because he gets his knickers in a right old twist if I don’t offer up this information when complimented.  I should probably have a sign around my neck that says “MY BOYFRIEND CUTS MY HAIR, NICE INNIT”.  But in all seriousness, I don’t feel threatened or offended when someone says something compliments me.  It just makes me feel nice. Regardless of gender.

And believe me, I could sit here and say #metoo – like so many millions upon millions of women the world over could.  But can I sit here and say I agree with Dina and her fear TFL are at risk of causing an epidemic of commuter sexual harassment with their board?  No, I absolutely cannot.

dina rickman

She didn’t reply. 

Lastly, I’d like to leave you with a few of my favourite TFL messages.  Just because I love them.


london underground

maternal mental health




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  1. Tubbs

    Sometimes being a human is just so exhausting. Saying something nice to someone is a lovely thing to do and not a bit HarveyW at all. Note to self: Must hide tweets from Our Rach so she doesn’t nominate me as a twitter twit one week

  2. Marcus Galloway

    I liked this. Good stuff.

    Wait… Am I allowed to say that!?

  3. I love the Transport For London quotes – they’ve started doing them in other stations around the country and I really like it! #PoCoLo

  4. Some people need to chill out I think the u drground quotes are fab and they support the British transport police’s Small talk saves lives campaign. A brilliant mental health initiative. #LGRTStumble

  5. I agree that she took a very cynical stance over an innocent seeming slogan. I’m pretty sure the intention behind the words were not aggressive or harmful. Good idea for a non-seried series! 😀 #lgrtstumble

  6. #thesatsesh Also not a feminist but totes with you on this one babes, I see only beauty in the initial post and some serious twisting in her interpretation. Its a little sad when you can’t compliment someone – of either gender without being perceived as someone who has alternative motives. P.s I think your hair is looking fab at the moment (see what I did there…dont tell Dina, she may call the Police)

  7. Talya

    Haha I didn’t even know you had this series I have to admit that I wasn’t really sure where it was going either but enjoyed it nonetheless and the pigeon/statue quote is priceless! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub hun xoxo

  8. Emma

    Twitter throws up some right corkers! I do love a good kanye tweet because they make me shout “eeeeeeks, take his phone away people!!” #CoolMumClib

  9. Sophie

    I just wish everyone would just calm down and use their brain sometimes! Like you say Rach….context! Some people just over react for no reason. Great post. #coolmumclub

  10. I can’t believe we live in a world where someone’s first thought about this board is sexual harassment…and this twitter twit series has some serious potential. I look forward to some more features – and more of your fearless opinions. 🙂

  11. Malin

    It amazes me how much time people seem to have for long Twitter discussions/debates/wars about all kinds of random things… The boards are lovely, really brilliant! Her comment about sexual harrassment was probably not that well thought through… I hope she’s got a sense of humour. Oh, and I thought you’re reply to Kanye was brill, sorry to hear you got so much sh*t for it x #LGRTStumble

  12. This was a fab read! I think people are overthinking things and trying to be offended so they can feel righteous. I went to a conference last weekend and in 2 of the sessions we had to give compliments to each other, it’s just a way to be nice and put a smile on someone’s face. Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

  13. I loved reading this! I can’t believe she got all bent out of shape about this. When I read it I was immediately warmed up at such a lovely thought. I wish the U.S. would do this at bus stations and subways. Maybe it would make people’s days brighter just reading them:) #CoolMumClub

  14. Pat

    Oh dear! Such a shame people can’t seem to see the good in other anymore. I find twitter a real minefield and in all honesty i just can’t be bothered spending a lot of my time there. Maybe I should as it seems to bring a lot of entertainment and amusement 😉 Thank you for linking with #stayclassymama

  15. It is so sad that someone would think a simple compliment could be sexual harassment. These days you can’t say anything to a woman without being accused of sexual harassment. It’s crazy. Yes, it sucks that sometimes we have to deal with all sorts of sexist nonsense but when someone compliments you it doesn’t mean they’re trying to get in your pants!
    Great post Rachel. Thanks for linking to #pocolo

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