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Welcome To Hammy’s Cage

Prepare for furballs.

Hello and welcome to the inside world of me, Hamster McKenzie.

Hamster McKenzie

Fan Favourite and Genuine Hamster

Rodent who writes stuff for laughs. Graduated with a First in Image Adaptation from the Royal College of Dwarf Hamsterley in Bristol. Loves confectionery and inappropriate humour.

I hope you’re ready for what’s coming up in Hammy’s Cage. More importantly, Rach better be ready for it, or it’ll be like that time she blocked me for watching Mrs Brown’s Boys all over again.


Getting my own dedicated corner of Our Rach is like Bristol City winning the Champions League. Magical, mystical and proof that the impossible is possible with enough persistent self-flagellation.


Strap yourselves in for some pellet coated ravings and shavings from the bottom of Hammy’s Cage. Be warned, there may be photos involved.


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