Really, Real Rach

Because, aside from the tan, nails and lashes, I can’t be anything but.

Keep Moving

Came home from work today to be greeted by a 'For Sale' sign outside my house. Don't worry. I'm fully aware my house is on…

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Date Off

It’s funny how many people have said to me “back to the dating scene then” since I’ve come out a long-term relationship.  I know the…

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I fucking adore Kathy Burke. Always have done. Always will. I can trace my adoration for her all the way back to the nineties, when…

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Ant McPartlin was granted a divorce from his wife this week. I shouldn't really be arsed.  It's not my business.  I don't know them.  They…

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Well, this feels a bit weird. I think this is the longest I've gone without writing since I first set up my blog way back…

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Stubborn Articulate Observant Indulgent Self-reliant Consistent Impatient Honest Realist Resilient Jealous I’m not really one to buy into horoscopes. I used to read them religiously…

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